Health care tablet application

This mobile app will be used by field nurses who travel to patient's houses to conduct health assessments on their clients and log the information on their iPads. I designed an interactive prototype for the application screens and conducted usability testing to validate my designs.

The Dashboard

This is the high-fidelity mockup I designed in Illustrator for the homepage dashboard screen, which displays the current work schedule, team, and history.

Scheduling assessments

This is the screen that the nurse uses to schedule patient assessments in her calendar; it went through multiple iterations, each incorporating changes based on feedback I discovered after usability testing our prototypes. I prominently displayed the nurse's blocks of free time in green, so that it would immediately be clear when she is available on a certain day. She can either select a green open time slot with one tap or enter the time manually with the widget if she so desires.

Conducting Assessments

To ensure that the users knows what stage of the assessment she is in and what is coming up next, I added a progress indicator at the top of the page. I originally used bubbles for the different answer options, but modified it to be 3 vertically stacked buttons because the larger touchpoints made it more appropriate for a tablet app.

Future steps

After validating our designs with sufficient usability testing, I presented the storyboard and prototype to the product owner, who after several rounds of reviewbrought it to the development team to build.